Conformance Testing

We propose the special offers to conform with local standards,ISO, IEC, ASTM etc.

Local standards, ISO, IEC, ASTM etc.  We provide you the method flexibly!!!

You need to test according to a specific standard? But it cannot be carried out with existing items?
Let’s ask IMADA!  We propose and create the necessary item for your force test.

Ask custom-made conforming to standards.


Conformance Testing

ISO/IEC 10373-1 ID Card Peel Tester

Ideal for Peel test of ID card conforming to ISO,IEC10373-1 :2006. It properly keeps the peel angle at 90 degree. The force vs displacement graph is drawn at 2000 Hz.

Ideal for the COF test conforming to ASTM D 1894. It can draw a graph by 2000 Hz sampling rate and calculate both coefficient of static friction and kinetic friction  at one measurement.

Ideal for puncture test  conforming to ASTM F 1306-90:2008 .   The force transition of the penetration resistance is drawn in detail by the graph drawing software at 2000 Hz.


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