Other Force Testing System

Specialized Force Testing Systems Improve Your Testing Efficiency

IMADA Specialized Force Testing Systems provide you easy and high efficient testing method.   To fulfill your needs, each product has an ideal design for the specific test such as Force-Displacement measurement, Torque-Angle measurement, Wire Crimp Test, etc.

Other Force Testing System

Force Displacement Measurement Equipment
Force-Displacement Measurement Equipment
The equipment enables to measure force and displacement at one measurement. The relationship can be drawn into a graph in detail.
180 degree Peel Tester
Peel Tester - for 180 Degree Testing
The tester is specialized for peel test. It provides easy testing and data management.
Food Related Tester
Food Texture Analyzer FRTS series Thumbnail
The testers are specialized for food industry. They enable to measure firmness, stiffness, viscosity, elasticity of food (texture analysis).
Crimp Testers
Automatic Crimp Tester ACT-1000N (Partly accordance with UL486A-486B)
The testers are specialized for wire crimp test. They provide easy and high efficient measurement.

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