ISO/IEC 10373-1 ID Card Peel Tester

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Fixture for the test according to ISO,IEC10373-1(2006)

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Performs the peel test in ISO/IEC 10373-1 “Identification cards — Test methods — Part 1: General characteristics”.


ISO/IEC 10373-1 “Identification cards — Test methods — Part 1: General characteristics”.

In this standard, you can find a variety of measurements to evaluate characteristics of ID card.
Usually, the card is composed of layered films, therefore, 90 degree peel test of film is introduced as the one of the evaluation method.
You can check the peel strength to prevent card from physical breaking which could leads to leak of personal information.
In this standard, you have to find the min. value from the graph of force vs displacement.
The min. value is regarded as  the peel strength of the card.

 Testing Type

Peel test
(Product related peel test:  90 degree peel fixture P90-200N  for 90 degree peel test as optional attachment for film and tape.
NOTE: It is NOT for the peel test for ISO/IEC 10373-1.)

Test Outline

Cut the card to make specimens according to the standard.
Peel off edge of film layer to make allowance for gripping.
Hold the specimen on the custom-made fixture with the screws.
Hold it with a grip. (We recommend to use FC series).
Peel the film  and make a graph of  force vs displacement by Software: Force Recorder Professional.
Find min. force from the graph.

Product Configuration

Force gauge: ZTA series
Motorized Test Stand : MX2-500N-FA
Fixture: Custom-made fixture and Film Grip FC series
Software: Force Recorder Professional

Available sample

ID card, IC card


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