90 degree Peel (Adhesion) Test Fixture
P90-200N (Partly in accordance with ASTM D 6862-11)

P90-200N 90 degree peel test fixture
P90-200N 90 degree peel test fixture

Inquiry about 90 degree Peel (Adhesion) Test FixtureP90-200N (Partly in accordance with ASTM D 6862-11)

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The Ideal Fixture for 90 degree Peeling Test
IMADA P90-200N is an ideal fixture for 90 degree peeling test.
It automatically keeps peeling angle at 90 degree during the test*. The capacity is up to 200N(20kgf).
*The budget model P90-200N-EZ is also available when you are unnecessary to keep 90 degree peeling angle.

[Performable Test According to Standard]
JIS C 5016: 1994 “Test methods for flexible printed wiring boards”
JIS Z 0237:2000 “Testing methods of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and sheets” .
ASTM D 6862-11 “Standard Test Method for 90 Degree Peel Resistance of Adhesives”
*To perform the tests according to the above standard,  other products such as a force gauge and others are necessary.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Using As 90 degree Peel Tester for Adhesion Tape
It can be used as 90 degree Peel Tester which provides accurate results when combining with IMADA Digital Force Gauge ZT series, Motorized Test Stand and Cable.

The tester peels the sample at 90 degree at uniform speed and measures force at 2000 Hz sampling rate.
The transition of force is also possible to be drawn as  force vs time graph in detail with an optional graphing software.
You can analyze the force in detail at the graph drawn at 2000 data/ sec.

[Recommended Configuration]*
Force Gauge: Standard Type Digital Force Gauge ZTS series

Motorized Test Stand: Standard Type Vertical Motorized Test Stand MX2 series

Attachment 1: 90 degree Peel (Adhesion) Test Fixture P90-200N

Attachment 2: Film Grip FC series

Software: Graphing Software Force Recorder Standard

Cable: CB-518

* The configuration is changeable according to your needs.
Please feel free to contact us if you need our support to select the best configuration.

[Testing Applications]
Adhesive tape 90 degree adhesion test >>
Circuit board print (copper layer) adhesion test >>

*Please click the applications for further information.

Other Peel Fixture/ Test You May Be Interested:

Fixture: 180 degree Peel Test Fixture (for Adhesion Test) P180-200N
The fixture is used for 180 degree Peel test.

Custom-made: Adjustable Angle Peel Test
You can change the peeling angle flexibly according to your needs.

Custom-made: Peel Test on Heated Table
You can apply heat to the sample on the table.

*We also offer custom-made attachments (e.g. for changing the attachment size, for creating a special fixture to grip your unique sample etc.).
ASK for Custom-made Order.


Specifications for  90 Degree Peel  Test Fixture (for Adhesion Test) P90-200N

Model P90-200N P90-200N-EZ (Saving price model)
Allowable length of samples Max. 155mm
Allowable width of samples Max. 80mm
Allowable load Up to 200N (20kgf) 0.4 to 200N (40gf to 20kgf)
Dimensions Please refer to Dimensions.
Weight Approx.3kg
Stand that can be combined MX-500N, MX2-500N, MX-1000N, MX2-1000N

*An attachment to grip sample is sold separately.
*Please contact us if you would like to mount it on other test stands.



Dimensions for 90 degree Adhesion Test Fixture

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