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(left) FC-21, (right) FC-21UQ
(left) FC-21, (right) FC-21UQ

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- Fit to grip thin samples: Ideal for tension test such as film tensile strength test.
- Material of chuck part is selectable from urethane, iron, aluminium.
- Design to reduce the possibility to break samples or slip out from grips.

[Testing Applications]
- Heat seal strength test >>
- Adhesive tape 90 degree peel (bond) strength test >>
- Adhesive tape 180 degree peel (bond) strength test >>
- Circuit board print (copper layer) peel strength test >>
- Magnetic card peel strength test >>
*Please click the applications for further information.

Specifications for FC series Film Grip

Model FC-21 FC-20 FC-40 FC-21U FC-41U FC-21UQ
Capacity 250N (25kgf) 500N (50kgf) 250N (25kgf)
Material Aluminum Iron Aluminum
Feature Lightweight Available in capacity up to 500N Wide,500N One side- urethane One side- urethane,
One side- urethane,
Opening width 20mm 20mm 40mm 20mm 40mm 20mm
Opening width Max. 2mm Max.0.2mm
Weight Approx. 25g Approx. 73g Approx. 125g Approx. 40g Approx.70g Approx.50g
Mounting screws M6



Dimensions for FC series Film grip

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