Knurled Cam Grip

(left) GP-15, (right) GP-30
(left) GP-15, (right) GP-30

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- Fit to grip plastic tube, silicon and many other extensible samples.
- Cam mechanism makes it harder for samples to be broken.
- We recommend that it is combined with FW-12 for tensile strength test of crimped terminal (wire harness test) .

[Testing Applications]
- Battery cable harness test >>
- Rubber tension strength (rupture) test >>
- Drip infusion connector pull-off test >>
*Please click the applications for further information.

Specifications for GP Series Knurled Cam Grip

Model GP-15 GP-30
Capacity 250N (25kgf) 1000N (100kgf)
Width grip portion Max. 15mm Max. 30mm
Opening width Max. 4.5mm Max. 10mm
Weight Approx.70g Approx.880g
Mounting screw M6 -



Dimensions for GP series Knurled Cam Grip

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