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FA Plus

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FA Plus Desktop force amplifier

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– Amplifier for load cell that can indicate load values and output them to external equipment, being combined with load cell.
– Captures load values more exactly with high speed sampling rate (2000 times/sec).
– Draws force-displacement graph (Only when combined with optional equipment ).

Specifications for FA Plus Digital Force Analyzer

Model FA Plus
Reading method Real time track or Peak-hold
Display 4-digit LCD
Sampling rate 2000 data / sec. (max)
Display update 10 times / sec.
Capacity Capacity depends on load cells
Accuracy The accuracy depends on load cells
Operating temperature 0 to +40 degree Celcius
Operating humidity 20 to 80% RH
Power AC100V-240V free input
Output USB, RS232C, Analog(Approx. +/-2V), Various comparator output (5 points), Overload output
Functions Digital filter HI/Lo, Auto zero clear and so on
Trimmer ZERO/GAIN for calibration
External connection SEND(HOLD)/ZERO clear/PEAK/CONF
Accessory Instruction manual, Power cable, Spare fuse, USB cable,
Driver CD-ROM,Load Capturing software FAP logger
Dimensions 210*160*99mm (excluding projection portion)
Weight 1.5kg Approx. (Net weight)

*Mounting adapters are also available for incorporating this amplifier into equipment. Please contact us for more detail.




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