Force Amplifier (Indicator)

IMADA load cell and the amplifier combinations enable to measure various force.

All of IMADA amplifiers have 2000 Hz sampling rate whih provides accurate force measurement results.
Since it equips many I/O signals, you can use the captured data in ideal styles. When using IMADA software, graph drawing is possible on PC easily and accurately.

Note: Please see Sensor Separated Type Force Gauge ZT series when you need a high accuracy and functionality amplifier.

Force Amplifier (Indicator)

Desktop Type Amplifier

Separate Sensor Model Digital Force Gauge

High repeatability by high speed sampling rate (2000Hz). It is ideal for measurements required high accuracy. Available in capacity from 2N (200gf) to 20kN (2000kgf).(Capacity depends on sensor type).

Desktop Amplifier

Ideal for integration into facilities due to the box-shaped design. Easy to combine with external devices such as PLC using the equipped output functions.

Sensor Interchangeable Amplifier (eZ-Connect series Amplifier)

Sensor Interchangeable Amplifier

This amplifier is for eZ-Connect series load cells.  Sensor interchange is possible without adjustment. Usable for various force measurements.


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