Various Attachments from IMADA  To Perform Your Best Force Measurement

IMADA has various types of attachments to offer many force testing applications. You can perform your best force measurement by using a force tester composed of IMADA force gauges , test stands and attachments. In addition, we can create your original attachment according to your needs such as changing fixture size,  creating unique shape fixture, etc.. Please feel free to contact us if you necessary. →ASK US for Custom-made order.


The attachments are included in IMADA force gauges for simple compression/ tension test.
For Compression Test
The attachments designed for compression test such as switch tactile test, bending test, puncture test ,etc..
For Tensile Test
A wide range of grips and attachments available for holding samples properly for tension/ tensile test.
For Peel Test
90 degree Peel (Adhesion) Test Fixture
The attachments designed for peel test of adhesion tape or coating surface.
For Friction Test
The attachments designed for COF (Coefficient of Friction) test to measure static/ kinetic coefficient.
For Compression & Tensile Test/ Vice Grips/ Tables
Vice to hold a sample, fixture for both compression/tension test and others.
For Tensile/ Shear Test of Chip Components
The attachments designed for tensile/ shear test of soldered or bonded electronic parts.
For Medical Equipment
The attachments designed for testing medical equipments such as probe tack test of adhesive plaster and needle bonding strength test.
For Food Texture Test
Attachments for FRTS series, Food texture analyzer to test stiffness, elasticity, viscosity, and so on.
Optional Handle
With a force gauge mounted on the handle, it helps apply force stably in handheld measurement.
Other Tools
Useful items to perform force measurements easily and efficiently.

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