We offer the special force testers to comply with ISO, IEC, ASTM etc.

We offer force tester cmplying with ISO, IEC, ASTM etc.

DO you need to test according to a specific standard? But it cannot be carried out with existing items?
Ask IMADA.  We propose and create the best configultion.

Ask custom-made conforming to standards.



Complying with ISO 14704

Designed for 4-point bend test of fine ceramics (advanced ceramics) according to a part of ISO 14704 : 2000 (JIS R1601 : 2008).

Complying with a part of ISO-9187-1(2006)

It is designed for 3-point bend test of ampouls according to a part of ISO 9187-1(2006).

Complying with a part of ISO/IEC 10373-1 (2006)

This tester is designed for peel test of identifications card complying with a part of ISO/IEC 10373-1:2006

Ideal for the COF test conforming to ASTM D 1894. It can draw a graph by 2000 Hz sampling rate and calculate both coefficient of static friction and kinetic friction  at one measurement.


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