Custom Made 

Special Offers to Meet Your Needs

IMADA provides the special offers according to more than 65 years’ experience of force measurements.
Our technical team designs and proposes the ideal items and methods to realize your force measurement.


Examples of Special force measurements

–       The sample size is over 1 meter.

–       Improve the testing efficacy because the number of the test is a lot!!

–       Testing under a unique circumstance such as high/ low temperature, getting water splash etc.



Custom Made 

Large Samples
If you need to test the large samples whose size is over one meter such as car dashboard and the like, we offer a customized force tester to fit your needs.
Particular Samples
We offer customized solutions to fit your samples particular in shape or material.
We cam resize attachments or test stands to fit your measurement needs.
Incorporate into Equipment
Incorporate into Equipment
We can flexibly change specifications in hardware and software.
Making Measurement Effciency
Making measurement efficiency
We offer custoized solution to accelerate measurement procedures or automate result's Pass/Fail judgement.
We offer force tester cmplying with ISO, IEC, ASTM etc to fit your needs.
Safety Improvement
Safety improvement
We offer safe solution in force measurement.
Special Test Environment
Force Measurement Solutions for Special Testing Environment
IMADA handles force measurement in special environemnt such as high temperature, low temperature, watary place, and more.

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