Force Displacement Measurement Equipment

Force-Displacement Measurement Equipment with High Accuracy and User-friendliness

force displacement measurementIMADA Force-Displacement Measurement Equipment is capable of measuring force and displacement for various samples such as a switch, a cushion, a piece of metal, tape and more*.  The space saving design realizes the measurement at any places such as on your desk, production line, etc.
You can perform force-displacement measurement easily and precisely as it has high operability and high accuracy.
Moreover, the relationship is visualizable with the included software on PC. You can analyze in detail because the graph is drawn with captured data at 2000Hz sampling rate.

* To hold a sample, attachment is required. Please see Attachment if you are interested in.


Force Displacement Measurement Equipment

Force-Displacement Measurement Unit (for Tactile Test)

It includes necessary items to measure force and displacement and draw FS curve on PC.  Force gauge, Test stand with a linear scale, Cable, and Software are included.


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