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IMADA force gauges and testing machines are used in physical force measurement such as compression test and tension test.
For example, IMADA force testers can measure switch tactile, jelly hardness (elasticity), rubber tension strength, and many others. You can control quality better using measured values by IMADA force testers.
Force measurement is very important in usability, safety, taste of products quality. IMADA offers force measurement solutions, and supports manufacturers’ quality control and R&D.


Hand held use

You can hold a force gauge in your hand to perform simple force measurement such as  compression test / tension test.

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Combine a test stand with a force gauge

Test stand offers consistent test speed or/and direction, improving repeatability.

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Mount on your production line

You can mount an IMADA force gauge or load cell to perform force measurement automatically or continuously, or control operation according to load values.

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Force-displacement analysis

Material deformation to compression (tensile) force can be measured. It is ideal for tactile testing or material characteristic testing.

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Measure turning cap and screw torque

Turning force, twist force,torsion can be measured by IMADA torque measurement devices.

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