Load cells (Force Sensors) / Amplifiers (Indicators)

Available Load Cells And Amplifiers without Adjustments

IMADA load cell (force sensor)and the amplifiers (indicators) are ideal for  testing at a difficult place for reaching or mounting a regular-type force gauge.  The variety of load cell helps your force measurement with the each unique characteristics.  Moreover, the amplifier connecting the load cell has many output signals. They are ideal for data management according to your needs.


Load cells (Force Sensors) / Amplifiers (Indicators)

Load Cells (Force Sensors)
They capture compression, tension (tensile), and other force. There are various types such as extra small, waterproof, high capacity, etc.
Force Amplifier (Indicator)
The amplifiers display force captured by IMADA load cell. They have 2000Hz sampling rate and many types of output signals.

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