Load Cells (Force Sensors)

Load Cells for Various Force Measurements

IMADA offers plentiful lineup of load cells.   You can select ideal load cell from them such as waterproof, small size, etc. The load cells are applicable for Separate Sensor Model Digital Force Gauge ZT series or IMADA amplifiers.

Also, cable extension is available. Please ask us for custom-made order if necessary.

Note: The eZ markeZ mark  means the load cell is compatible for sensor interchangeable system eZ-Connect series. The amplifier should be Sensor Interchangeable Amplifier eZT.



Load Cells (Force Sensors)

High Capacity Load Cell

Approved for IP67. This load cell has compact design and high capacity load cell. Please choose from  compression or tension either. The capacity  is from 1000N(100kgf) to 20kN(2000kgf).

For Testing Compression Force and Tension Force

Load Cell (Force Sensor)

The compact design is ideal for mounting on your external equipment. The capacity is from 2N (200gf)  to 500N (50kgf).

High Capacity Load Cell

The compact design is ideal for mounting on your external equipment. The capacity is from 1000N (100kgf)  to 20kN (2000kgf).

Extra Small Load Cell

It has only 18mm sensor diameter.  Ideal for mounting external equipment.  The capacity from 50N (5Kgf)  to 500N (50Kgf).

Waterproof and Dust-proof Load Cell

Approved for IP67. They are waterproof and dust-proof load cell. SW1 series capacity is 100N(10kgf) to 5000N(500kgf). SW3 series is 10kN(1000kgf) to 20kN(2000kgf).

Universal Load Cell

This load cell has female screws.  For Tension and Compression tests. The capacity is from 50N (5kgf)  to 2000N (200kgf).

Pen Type Load Cell

This load cell is designed pen-shaped. It is ideal for measuring control force of small samples. The capacity is up to 50N (5kgf).

For Testing Compression Force or Tension Force

Cuboid Shape Load Cell for Compression or Tension

Approved for IP67. It has high accuracy and robust body.Please choose from  compression or tension either.  The capacity is from 2000N (200kgf)to 20kN (2000kgf).

For Testing Compression Force

Coin Shaped Load Cell

A small load cell for compression. Ideal to set on a narrow space. The capacity is from 10N (1kgf)  to 20kN (2000kgf).

High Accuracy Coin Shaped Load Cell

It has small shape body and high accuracy.  The capacity is from 500N (50kgf)  to 20kN (2000kgf).

High Accuracy and High Capacity Load Cell

Approved for IP67. It has high accuracy. Ideal for high capacity measurements. The capacity is from 5000N(500kgf) to 20kN (2000kgf).

Wide Operating Temperature Range Load Cell

The load cell has wide range of temperature. Available temperature is from -40 up to +150 degree Celsius. The capacity is up to 1000N (100kgf).

For Testing Tension Force

High Capacity Tension Load Cell

Approved for IP67. High capacity tension load cell with 2 rod ends which make fixing easy.  The capacity is from 10kN(1000kgf) to 20kN(2000kgf).

For Testing Torque (Twisting Force)

Torque Load Cell for eZ-Connect series

The load cell can measure torque (Rotating force/ Twisting force).  Exclusive use for eZ-Connect series.  Mount an optional attachment and measure.

For Testing Tension Force

Crane Scale Type Load Cell

Approved for IP67. High capacity load cell for tension with a hook. The capacity is up to 10kN (1000kgf).

For Particular Sample Test

Load cell for Vehicle Foot Pedals

Approved for IP65. The load cell measure force on a foot pedal for a car.  The capacity is up to  1500N.

Load Cell for Automatic Doors (Door Tester)

The load cell is measurable for automatic door closing force. The capacity is up to 2000N (200kgf).

Load Cell for Closing Force of Car Windows and Doors

Approved for IP65. This load cell measure for closing force of car windows and doors. The capacity is up to 1000N. (100kgf).

Load cell for Two-wheeler Handbrakes

Approved for IP65.  The load cell measures force on handbrakes lever for two-wheeler. The capacity is up to 500N (50kgf).


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