Solution on Force

There are many kinds of force like compression, tension, peeling, and many others. Measurement solutions and products configuration examples are introduced here.

Tension testing to determine tensile strength of wire, rubber, etc.
Compression testing to evaluate compression strength or switch feeling.
Peel (adhesion) testing to measure adhesive strength of tape, food, etc.
Insertion testing to determine insertion force of inlet plug or pin sticking strength.
Extraction testing to determine extraction force of USB connector, pilus of tooth brush, etc.
Rupture/cutting/tension testing to determine wire stretching tension or meat cutting strength.
Crushing testing to determine crushing durability of food package, ball, etc.
Bending testing to determine bending strength of circuit board, etc.
Coefficient of friction testing to measure friction of packaging material, touch panel, etc.
Torque testing to determine turning or twisting force of screw tightening, jar lid unscrewing.
Opening testing to determine force to open doors, jar lids, etc.
Closing testing to determine force to close automatic door, etc.

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