Other Tools

They are instruments to improve measurement efficiency.

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Other Tools

Film Cutter

It is a cutter to cut film and paper at stable width. It is ideal for making a sample for ASTM F88, JISZ 0238(1998) and JIS Z 1707(1997) A width adjust block is included. The available width is between 15mm and 70mm.

Screw Adapater

Adapters for conversion of screw size.

Attachment Adapters

Attachments for tension test. It makes sample fixation easy.

Built-in linear scale

Force displacement measurement is possble by mouting to equipment. ZTA series is required.

Rubber Roller for Peel Test

Useful to bond a sample at a regular pressure in peel test, so that you can measure peel force more precisely.

Conversion Adapter

Adapter to convert screw diameter in order to combine grips with different gauges.

T-Slot Table

With this fixture, it is easier to exchange grips or position center them by sliding nut. Available in capacity up to 5000N (500kgf).

Optional Tray

It covers splashed or flowed liquid from a test stand. The tray is put under a fixture mounted on a test stand. It is ideal for using when a content of a sample might splash.

Grip Mounting Adaptor

The adapter is used to mount grips on a vertical test stand.


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