Other Tools

They are instruments to improve measurement efficiency.

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Other Tools

Universal Joint

Designed to prevent unbalanced load during the measurement. Ensures accurate measurement due to free joint design.

Pinching Force Measurement Jig

– Pinching and opening (spreading) action-force measurement jig for small size objects. -Designed to mea …..

Film Cutter

It is a cutter to cut film and paper at stable width. It is ideal for making a sample for ASTM F88, JISZ 0238(1998) and JIS Z 1707(1997) A width adjust block is included. The available width is between 15mm and 70mm.

Screw Adapater

Adapters for conversion of screw size.

Optional Tray

It covers splashed or flowed liquid from a test stand. The tray is put under a fixture mounted on a test stand. It is ideal for using when a content of a sample might splash.

Grip Mounting Adaptor

The adapter is used to mount grips on a vertical test stand.

Attachment Adapters

Attachments for tension test. It makes sample fixation easy.

Built-in linear scale

Force displacement measurement is possble by mouting to equipment. ZTA series is required.

Rubber Roller for Peel Test

Useful to bond a sample at a regular pressure in peel test, so that you can measure peel force more precisely.

Conversion Adapter

Adapter to convert screw diameter in order to combine grips with different gauges.

T-Slot Table

With this fixture, it is easier to exchange grips or position center them by sliding nut. Available in capacity up to 5000N (500kgf).


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