For Peel Test

Peel Test Fixtures

peel testHere, we introduce various peel testing fixtures.  Combining a peel testing fixture with IMADA Digital Force Gauge and Test Stand, you can perform  peel test.

Using Force Gauge ZT series and Graph Drawing Software Force Recorder, you can draw Force vs Time graph at 2000Hz.

If you would like to know peel testing solutions, see Peel testing solutions.  You can watch movies of peel testing solutions.

We also offer 180 degree peel tester desgined only for peel test. For further information, see  180 Degree Peel tester.

If you have any conserns for peel test, or need our support to find the best solutioin,  Request for technical advice.

For Peel Test

Surface Coating Pull-Off Test Fixture

Ideal attachment for pull-off test for adhesion of paints and varnishes. Capacity is from 1000N(100kgf) to 5000N(500kgf). Performs testing according to the corresponding part of ISO 4624.

45 Degree Peel Test Fixture

Ideal for peel test of cup film lids. It starts peeling at 45 degree,nearly practical condition. Available in capacity up to 50N (5kgf).

Jig for opening pull-tab

They are possible to perform can opening test by pulling a pull-tab. Each type is for full aperture end type or stay-on tab type. Test in accordance with JIS is possible.

180 degree Peel Test Fixture (for Adhesion Test)

Ideal for 180 degree peel test or adhesion test of glue, stickers, tape and so on . Available in capacity up to 200N (20kgf).

90 degree Peel (Adhesion) Test Fixture

Ideal for 90 degree peel test or adhesion test of glue, sticker, tape and so on. Available in capacity up to 200N (20kgf).


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