180 degree Peel Tester

Easy Use for 180 degree Peel Test. Graphing and Auto Calcuration are Available.

peel testerThe Specialized Tester for peel test improves your testing efficiency. It provides easy setup for sample and testing speed.  Also, it includes a software for graph drawing and auto calcuration of  max., min., and average force.  It reduces the time of testing and data management.


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180 degree Peel Tester

Peel Tester for Embossed Carrier Tape's Cover Film

Peel tester IPTS-5N can perform 180 degree peel test of embossed career tape complying with IEC and JIS standards.

High speed peel strength tester

Peel strength tester IPTS-20N/50N can perform 180 degree peel test of such as adhesive tapes, stickers and the like easily and precisely.


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