Food Related Tester

IMADA Food Testers Feature User-friendliness and Hygienic Design

Force Measurement for Foods

Here, we introduce testers specialized  for food industry. The testers can measure food texture such as firmness, viscosity, etc.

We offer Manual type and Motorized Type to fit your needs.

Both types are designed to keep clean easily.  Moreover, the testers are desktop- size, wichi is ideal for measurement in a production line.

If you would like to know testing applications for food, please see Solution on Food Industyry.  You can watch movies of testing applications.
If you need our help about measurement, please feel free to request for technical advice.


Food Related Tester

Food Texture Analyzer

Food Texture Analizer FRTS series has easy opeartion.  You just select food or standard and perform measurement according to the displayed guidance on the operational panel.  The capacity is from 5N (500gf) to 100N (10kgf).

Probes For Compression Test

Disk Probe

Ideal for texture test such as compression test or viscosity test. Disk shaped probes can compress wider area of samples.

Food Hardness Testing Unit

This testing unit is specialized for simple measurement for food firmness.  Since it enables to fix compression distance, you can perform repeatable measurement. The capacity is up to 50N(5kgf).

Conical Probe

Conical shaped probes are suitable for texture test such as penetration test.

Sphere Probe

Sphere shaped probes are suitable for texture test like crushing tests.

Cylindrical Probe

Stick shaped probes are ideal for texture test such as penetration test, sticking test.

Yogurt Cutter

Ideal for texture test like  elasticity test or stiffness test of semi-solid samples such as yogurt.

Vice Pin

Ideal for sticking test of package.

Bend Test Table

Ideal for flexure test or bending test (texture analysis).

Probes for Tension Test @en

Film Grips

Fit to grip thin or small samples such as packaging film, stem of cherry to perform tension test.

Grip Special for Noodle

Fit to test tensile strength of such as noodle or pasta (texture test).

Probes for Cutting Test

Wedge Probe

Ideal for texture test like cutting strength test (stiffness test) of such as vegetables, fruits, snack food and more.


Ideal for texture test like cutting test (stiffness test) of elastic samples such as meat.


Ideal for texture test like cutting strength test (stiffness test) of such as cheese and butter (texture analysis).

Optional Table

Wide Table

It is useful for wide samples to be placed on.

Center Lined Table

Lines make it easier to put samples in the center.

Table with a Trench

Samples can be cut off with this table due to its trench.

Container Holder Table

A table to hold containers.

Sample holder table

Fit to measure force to push medicine out from the packaging (Packaging strength test) or take cherry’s stem off and more.

Stick Guide Plate

It holds thin sample such as film and ideal for film sticking strength test, combining with FR-UP.

Anti-Scattering Sheet

Useful for the prevention against sample scattering and good for your safety as well.

Stick Holder

Ideal for cutting test of stick shaped samples such as lipsticks.


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