Torque-Angle Measurement Equipment

Torque-Angle Measurement Equipment for Easy Testing and Detailed Data Analysis

Torque-Angle Measurement Test of Bottle Opening

IMADA Torque-Angle Measurement Equipment provides you easy testing and detailed analysis. The high accuracy and the high speed sampling rate 2000Hz capture accurate and detailed values of testing.

The captured data is capable of being output as many types of signals. You can flexibly manage it in your necessary style. Also, you can easily create Torque-Angle graph and the test report on PC by the included software.  The graph is drawn at 2000 data /sec and supports detailed data analyses.


Torque-Angle Measurement Equipment

Torque-Angle Measurement Unit

It includes necessary items to measure and to graph torque and angle on PC.  Torque gauge, Torque stand with a rotary encoder, Cable, Upper chuck and Software are included.

Torque-Angle Analysis Unit (Portable)

This portable torque-angle analyzer enables you to precisely measure torque and angle by hand.


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