Torque Attachements

Torque Attachements

Torque Gauge and Torque Stand Attachment

Pin Chuck

The 3 jaw chuck is ideal for torque measurements gripping a thin sample such as a wire and a pin.

9.5 Socket Holder

Measurements for fasten/loosen torque of a bolt and others by mounting various shape sockets.

Torque Driver

Measurements for fasten/loosen torque of a screw.

M10 Adapter

The adapter is used for mounting your original fixture on HTGS/HTGA/eHT.

MTS series Upper Chuck

The upper chuck for Motorized Torque Stand MTS series.

Torque Gauge Table

DTSX/DTXA series Standard Table

Standard Table for DTXS/DTXA series. It holds φ20~160mm sample.

Small Table

The small table for HTGS/HTGA, DTXS/DTXA and MTS series. It holds φ7~50mm sample.

Torque Gauge Optional Item

Angle Meter Unit

Angle meter unit for torque-angle measurement by connecting with handheld digital torque gauge HTGA series

Sensor Holder

A simple torque stand for stable torque measurements. It holds HTGS/HTGA/eHT sensor vertically or horizontally …..

Sample Stage

The stage is useful for stable sample setting for a container. It puts on DTXS/DTXA series Standard Table.


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