Torque Gauges/Torque Testers

Torque Gauge Enables To Measure Turning /Twisting Force.

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A Torque Gauge is as the name, a measuring instrument of Torque (= Force x Distance). It is used for a variety of turning, twisting or rotating force measurements such as a check of screw fasten torque, bottle opening/closure test, durable twist test of PCB etc. →See the applications of torque measurement.

IMADA torque gauges and torque testers provide accurate torque measurement results. The highest sampling speed 2000 data/sec is ideal for capturing accurate peak torque in both direction (CW/CCW). In addition, the torque transition is able to be drawn into a graph at 2000 data/sec with an optional software.  The detailed torque analyses are possible (Depending on the torque gauge and torque tester).  Also, IMADA has a lot of types of torque gauge attachments. They enable various torque measurements and offer the suitable measurement for your needs.


*When you need to measure Torque and Angle at once.→ See Torque-Angle Measurement Unit

Torque Gauges (Torque Testers) and Torque Gauge Attachments

Torque Gauges
Screw Cap Torque Tester DTXA series Thumbnail
IMADA torque gauges can handle various torque testing applications such as screws tightening / loosening, key turning, screw cap opening, and many others.
Torque Attachements
We provide a wide range of interchangeable attachments to fit various torque testing needs.
Torque Stands
Motorized Torque Stand MTS series can be used as a desktop torque testing machine, combined with
Torque-Angle Analysis Units
The units enable you to measure torque and angle at one measurement. The relationship between torque and angle can be drawn into a graph.

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