Film Puncture Test Fixture

TKS-250N Film Puncture Test Fixture
TKS-250N Film Puncture Test Fixture

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– Designed for puncture strength testing of thin samples including film, PET bottles and aluminum


– JIS Z1707:2019  “General rules of plastic films for food packaging” (corresponding part only)

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Lithium battery film (separator) sticking strength test >>
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Specifications for TKS-20N/250N Film Puncture Test Fixture

Model TKS-20N TKS-250N
Capacity 20N (2kgf) 250N (25kgf)
Table Diameter of hole *1 φ10mm φ20mm
Weight Approx.500g Approx.1050g
Sample Size 20×20 to 60×60 mm 40×40 to 55×55 mm
Pin Diameter φ1mm
Tip shade SR0.5
Length 30mm 20mm
Material Stainless Iron
Weight Approx. 0.2 g Approx. 16 g
Included Quantity 3 pcs 1 pcs
Pin vice Available Diameter Up to 3.2mm
Weight Approx. 22 g
Mounting screw(Pin/Pin Vice) M6
Dimensions See [Dimensions]

*1 Diameter of hole can be changed to meet your requirements. Contact us for details.
* Weight of the attachment is also applied as a load on the force gauge. Consider it when selecting the capacity of a force gauge.
* Pins may break or bend when offset load is applied.
* Some samples may not be suitable to hold and test with this product.




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