Complying with a part of ISO-9187-1(2006)
Ampoule 3-Point Bend Tester

Ampouls 3-Point Bend Tester

Inquiry about Complying with a part of ISO-9187-1(2006)Ampoule 3-Point Bend Tester



– Designed for 3-point bend test of ampoule according to a part of ISO 9187-1(2006) Injection equipment for medical use — Part 1: Ampoules for injectables.
– You can adjust the position of an ampoule to fit your ampoule size.
– Shattering-proof box is supplied to prevent the sample from fly away.
– Capacity: 200N (We can flexibly change capacity to fit your measurement needs.)

Measurement Outline

– Adjust the position of the table to put your ampoule on as desired.
– Mount a supplied jig to a force gauge.
– Select a Peak mode on the force gauge.
– Move the force gauge down using motorized test stand at 10mm/min, then compression force is applied to the ampoule.
– Apply force unitl it is broken.
– The force gauge indicates the peak value, which is the ampoule’s strength.

Other Samples

– This tester is designed to secure even cylinder-shaped sample well.  Thus, it is ideal for…
> cylindrical plastic container
> pencil core



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