Complying with ISO 14704
Fine Ceramics 4-Point Bend Test

Fine Ceramics 4-Point Bend Test
Fine Ceramics 4-Point Bend Test

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– Designed for 4-point bend (flextual strength) test of fine ceramics (advanced ceramics)
– You can perform test according to a part of ISO 14704 : 2000 (JIS R1601 : 2008).
– The support (the part of contact to the ceramics) rotates to comform to the requirement from the ISO 14704:2000.
– We offer 2 kinds of compression jigs to fit the size of your test sample.
– Capacity: 1000N. (We can flexibly change capacity to fit your measurement needs.)

Measurement Outline

– Place your test sample on the downside of the fixture.
– Move the supplied force gauge down at 0.5mm/min to apply force, and measure the maximum force.
– If required, you can graph the measruement on PC using a dedicated software.

Sample Examples

– LCD screen of smartphones
– Circuit borad
– And more


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