To Be Force Measurement Master (Facilities)

Each facility is designed with a specified space concept for great achievement.

Laboratory-To enable force measurement-

Force measurement can be used for a wide range of test samples in every industry. Due to its high versatility, we suppose that you will have difficulty in selecting the best test method or product. Therefore, we have established a laboratory to show you how they work and offer the best solution. In laboratory, we have almost full lineup of our products, so you can touch and try them.
Even though you cannot come to this laboratory, send your test sample to us, then we will record a video of testing the sample.
We believe that we can help your manufacturing more through the laboratory.

Factory-To continuously enhance manufacturing -

In the factory, we manufacture a wide range of force testing products to fit various needs such as…
– Mechanical force gauges
– Digital force gauges
– Torque testers
– Fixtures and grips (Attachments)
– Test stands
– Peel testers
– Food texture analyzer The factory is bright and quiet enough to maximize our concentration and perform at our best.

Calibration center-To create the reliability by high calibrating skills-

We inspect our gauges and testers for finishing in the calibration center.
To maintain high calibrating accuracy,
– We strictly control temperature and humidity.
– The center is designed to be less affected by vibration.
– Only the person who passed the hard screening can perform calibration.
In addition, we have been accredited to “ISO/IEC 17025:2005”, an International Standard for Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

Reference room-To be a professional-

We use the reference room to improve minds/skills/values, aiming to do first-rate work.
Here, we have…
– a wide range of books about expertise, manners, skills and more to get knowledge from books.
– tables for meetings or a short lessons to learn from co-workers.
– Newton’s cradle, solitaire board, and other play things related physics to enhance a sense of creativity.

Office-Contribution in their own work and in their relationships with others-

We have departments of customer services, engineering, sales, and human resources and general affairs in the office. At the center of the office, we have an communication area to eliminate communication barriers among departments and gather all of our knowledges, making a maximum contribution to you.

Conference room-To have future-minded communications-

We always try to have productive arguments to make the best decision for the successful future in the conference room.
We have adopted a red carpet and a grass-walled design for the conference room to bring a feeling of tension moderately, believing that the feeling of tension stimulates our minds and ideas, and make us get greater results of arguments in less time.

Cafeteria-To refresh ourselves-

It is often said that Japanese work too much, however, we believe that we should take a break moderately to achieve the desired results. We use cafeteria to have lunch and take a break to refresh ourselves.
To take a break comfortably,
– the cafeteria is large and spacious.
– we have comfortable reclining chairs, ping-pong and billiards table.
– chairs are in refreshing colors.
Moreover, the room has a large projector, which enables us to have seminar or workshop for over 50 people.