History of force measurement

70 year-old history of IMADA

Real beginning of IMADA (since 1947)

In 1940s, force gauegs were rarely offered in Japanese market. Then, the first CEO was running a small factory, and asked to create some force gauges by his customer in 1947. Next year, he offered some analog force gauges as customized products to the customer. For the next 6 years, he had developed and improved force gauges. Then in 1954, he finally had sold 3 pieces of force gauges as mass-produced products, and he had started force gauge business on a full-scale.

Launch for digital force gauges

As IMADA’s analog force gauges were getting widespread, we were asked to create digital force gauges by customers. For that, we took a process of trial and error, and in 1984, finally we had started selling the digital ones. Then, we recognized that customers need to output data aquired by digital force gauges, and in 1986, we started selling force gauges equipped with RS232C output for the first time in Japan.

The establishment of IMADA CO.,LTD. for global launch

Force gauges were produced in one department of the factory. In 1987, for global launch, the department was separated from the factory, which became IMADA CO.,LTD. At the time, our company did not have any business partners outside of Japan. Then, second CEO packed some force gauges in his suitcase and went abroad to find a market outside of Japan even without any appointments. He locally looked for translators at airports and tried to get appointments. He never gave up and kept challenging himself, expanding markets in Asia, Europe, America and more little by little. Now we have nearly 50 distributors around the world.

IMADA's identity from a manufacturer of force gauges to a provider of force measurement solutions

We recognize that our customers’s needs are not only force gauges but also the accurate test result led by force gauges. Therefore, we have created a wide range of force testing products to fit various force measurement needs.
– A wide range of attachments
– Motorized test stands to combine force gauges for greater accuracy
– Force-displacement analysis unit
– Torque testers
– Measuring unit for medical industries
– Texture analyzer or other testers for food industries
and more

For further growth

We have accelerated our effort to grow ourselves in tangible and intangible elements.

For further growth of personnel resources,
– We have adopted “Personnel analysis sheet” and “Flow for career path,” and enhanced in-house training~ system in 2012.

For further growth of facilities,
– We were accredited to “ISO/IEC 17025:2005”, an International Standard for Testing and Calibration Laboratories in 2013.
– We moved to new premises equipped with modern facilities in 2016.

For further growth of tecnique,
– We offer force gauges equipped with output for USB flash drive for the first.