To Be Force Measurement Master (Organization)

Technical-Have our pride to be engineers of a leading company-

We always try to create products that stably offer accurate test result, using know-how accumulated over 7 years. We can show you how the solution works actually in our laboratory before purchase. Even though you cannot come to the laboratory, send your test sample to us, then we will show you how it is tested through video or other means. We can also offer custom-made products to fit particular needs.
We always try to perform our mission that we offer great products/technique/know-how.

Marketing and international sales-Expand markets by promotion and marketing-

We always try to raise the recognition, through marketing and promotion activities, that force measurement enhances your manufacturing.
In particular, we run a booth in trade shows, produce catalogues/web page/leaflets etc. Working well with our distributors, we try to expand markets using a wide range of marketing and promotion tools.

Customer service-Offer services beyond your expectations-

We are contact point of customers, offering before/after-sales services. We do not only clerical work but also help selecting the best product to customers and more.
We always try our best to satisfy customer’s needs.

Manufacturing-Be craftspeople-

We manufacture a wide range of force testing products to fit various needs. We are not only focusing on improvement of manufacturing skills but also on productivity by implementing 5S and parts management system.
Moreover, for the reliability of force testing instruments, skilled examiner calibate them one by one before shipment.
As skilled manufacturer and examiner of a leading company, we always try to manufacture highly reliable products continuously.

Human resources and general affairs-Support management from different point of view-

We are in charge of recruiting/employee training/improving workplace/financial affairs and more to support CEO and administration. We always try to see all the department objectively, and make ourselves work healthily and effectively.