December 28th to January 5th  **Winter Holiday Close**

We will close from December 28th to January 5th.

The office is re-open on 6th of January.

Thank you for your understanding.


October 1st Calibration service according to ISO17025 has started.

We have been accredited to “ISO/IEC 17025:2005”, an International Standard for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, by an accreditation body, Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation INC (PJLA).  The accreditation demonstrates that we are competent to perform particular calibration activities according to ISO/IEC17025:2005 and produce internationally acceptable calibration data.  Hence, we are entitled to use the logo showing the accreditation on our calibration certificate.

We believe that our calibration services will help you improving  reliability of measuring instrument management.

For further information of calibration services according to ISO/IEC17025: 2005>>



August 10th to 18th  **Summer Holiday Close**

We will close from August 10th to 18th.

The office is re-open on 19th of August.

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April 27th to May 6th  **Spring Holiday Close**

We will close from April 27th to May 6th.

The office is re-open on May 7th.

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[Force-Displacement Measuring Unit] FSA series are now available.

FSA series Force-Displacement Measuring Unit

– Measuring unit to draw force-displacement curve easily.
– This unit includes a force gauge ZTA series, a test stand with a linear scale, cable, a graphing software, and attachments to perform force-displacement measurement.
– Various models are available to suit your measurement needs; a portable model,a high performance/functionality one, a high capacity one, etc.
– Simple operation, Easy setting


Click here to see more details of FSA series >>


Mar.  ZP/Z2 series have been replaced to ZT series.












ZP/Z2 series will be out of production since new generation model ZT series are now available.

We will continue to offer repair and calibration service to ZP/Z2 series.

Please become aware of the new ZT series from now on, and

thank you very much for using ZP/Z2 series in the past 10 years.


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