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We are willing to help you select products, and offer the best solution for you.
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You can discuss your concern with us by Skype. We will show you our measuring instruments and how they work at our Force Measurement Lab.
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You can try the products in our Force Measurement Lab to ensure operability and suitability before purchase.
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We have official distributors in many countries, please ask them to purchase.
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Please keep the test condition (test speed, direction, temperature and humidity) consistent as possible.
Please make sure to minimize the differences in measurement between operators.
Please make sure that a gauge or attachments are fixed well.

Test results inevitably vary between operators when they use a force gauge by hand. To improve the measurement repeatability, combine a force gauge with a test stand, which offers consistent test direction and speed.
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IMADA products are covered by a one year warranty for materials and workmanship under normal authorized use consistent with the instruction manual provided by IMADA. Please see product warranty card for details. Please keep the warranty card carefully as you can not apply for warranty service without it.
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We can send you PDF file of instruction manual by email if you tell us the product model and serial number. And kindly note that we can not offer the PDF file for some products.
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The user guide videos shows how to use the products. Please go to each product web page to see the details.