Fixtures set for shear test LF

Fixtures set for shear test LF

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– Ideal for pull shear test (soldering strength test) of QFP lead (lead free solder).
– 2 kinds of tables (45 degree table and 90 degree one) are included.
– Fine position adjustment is possible by X-Y stage.
– This fixture is in accordance with JIS Z3198-6 :2003 “Test methods for lead-free solders – Part 6:Method for 45 pull test of solder joints on QFP lead” and JISZ3198-7 :2003 “Test methods for lead-free solders-Part 7:Method for shear strength of solder joints on chip components”
*To perform a test according to JIS, a force gauge and a test stand etc are necessary. Please contact us for more information.

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QFP lead solder joint 45 degree pull test >>
Chip components solder joint shear test >>
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Specifications for Fixtures set for shear test LF

Model LF
The set contents QFP45-1: Hook attachment
QFP45-2: 45 degree table
TIP90-1: Shear attachment
TIP90-2: 90 degree table
QFP-1: X-Y stage
Capacity 100N (10kgf)
X-Y stage Migration length: +/-12.5mm
Min. 0.01mm
Table dimensions 200*150mm
Weight QFP45-1 / Approx. 60g
QFP45-2 / Approx. 650g
TIP90-1 / Approx. 50g
TIP90-2 / Approx. 650g
QFP-1 / Approx. 2.6kg
Dimensions of fixing holes M3 P0.5
80 points
Minimum interval: 20*20 (mm)
Maximum interval: 180*140 (mm)




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