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– You can combine this handle with mechanical force gauge or digital force gauge to apply force easily and more stably.
– With this handle, it also becomes easier to apply high load force.

[Testing Applications]
Car body dent test >>
Corrugated cardboard sealing (peel) strength test >>
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Specifications for FOH-1 Optional Handles

Model FOH-1
Capacity 1000N
Weight Approx.500g
Accessory M4*L8(Pan-head screw), M3*L14(Pan-head screw)
Compatible force gauge Digital force gauge:DST/DSV/ZTS/ZTA series (*1)
Mechanical force gauge:FB/PS/PSM series(*2)
Option Carrying case: CYCF-1
You can put a force gauge mounted onto the handle in the carrying case.

*1 High capacity model of force gauge cannot be combined with FOH-1.  You can combine FOH-1 with only the force gauge whose capacity is 1000N or less.
You can combine old models, DS2/ZP/Z2, too.  Contact us for other old models.
*2 You can also combine FOH-1 with international models (kgf, lbf types).




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