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KV series

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KV-50N Vertical manual test stand (The force gauge is not included.)

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– Small and light: easy to carry.
– Ideal for minute measurement since the mounted force gauge travels every 1 mm by knob operation.
– Available in capacity up to 50N (5kgf).

Specifications for KV series Manual Test Stand (Manual Force Tester)

Model KV-50N
Capacity 50N (5kgf)
Stroke when a Z series force gauge is mounted (*1) 60mm
Travel of a mounted force gauge 1.0mm/a complete turn of its handle
Size Please refer to dimensions
Weight Approx.2kg
Gauges that can be combined (*2) Popular and standard model
Load cells and high capacity model cannot be combined.
Accessory Gauge mounting plate, Screws to mount a force gauge, Tools, Instruction manual
Option Length meter

*1 Stroke is, in other words, max distance from the tip of a Z seires force gauge to a test stand’s table.
*2 Please contact us if you would like to combine other force gauges or load cells with the test stand.




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