Small Manual Test Stand for Multi Force Measurement
MS series

Small Manual Test Stand for Multi Force Measurement MS series

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– Able to measure from different angles not only vertically/horizontally
– Almost as compact as a force gauge
– MSL-50N series: Force-displacement measurement is possible

Specifications for MS series Small Multi Manul Test Stand

Model MSF-50N MSL-50N (*1)
Feature standard with liner scale
Capacity 50N (5kgf)
Stroke (*2) Approx. 44mm at maximum
Travel method Manual; knob
Travel of a mounted force gauge 18mm per 1 complete turn
Dimensions (mm) Approx. H204 W109.4 D72
Weight Approx.1.2kg
Accessory  Attachment mounting plate, Screws to mount a gauge, Tools, Instruction manual
Option Handle, Adaptor to change the size of screw hole
force gauges (*3)
Digital Force Gauge:
DST, DSV, ZTS, ZTA series
Digital Force Gauge:
ZTA series

*1 FSA-MSL series (including force gauge and software) are available for force-displacement analysis.
*2 It is the distance from the tip of ZT series (excluding high capacity models) to the table of test stand.
*3 Please contact us for details if you want to use with other models (force gauge or load cell).
Force gauges with the capacity of no more than 50N should be used.

For force-displacement measurement, FSA-MSL series offer complete unit:
Force-Displacement Measurement Unit FSA series




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