Precision Model Mechancal Force Gauge
PSM series

PSM series Mechanical force gauge (Push pull scale)

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– High-resolution scale helps you to avoid misreading.
– Peak hold function.
– Zero adjustment for tare weight.

Specifications for Presision Model Mechanical Force Gauge PSM series

Model PSM series
Accuracy +/-0.1% F.S
Stroke 10mm
Unit of measurement Please refer to the table below
Reading method Real-time track or Peak-hold
Divisions 200lines*
Operating temperature 0 to +40 degree Celcius
Weight ** Approx. 660g(PSM-300N)
Accessory 8 kinds of attachments,Inspection certificate,
Instruction manual, Carrying case

*30N, 300N, 3K, 30K: 150 divisions.
**Weight varies according to the capacities even in the same series, so we note the weight of the most representative one.

Model table of PSM series Precision Model Mechanical Force Gauge

Model Capacity 1 division Thread
PSM-20N 20N 0.1N M6
PSM-30N 30N 0.2N
PSM-50N 50N 0.25N
PSM-100 N 100N 0.5N
PSM-200N 200N 1N
PSM-300N 300N 2N
PSM-500N 500N 2.5N
Model(NOT available in Japan) Capacity 1 division Thread
PSM-2K 2kgf 10gf M6
PSM-3K 3kgf 20gf
PSM-5K 5kgf 25gf
PSM-10K 10kgf 50gf
PSM-20K 20kgf 100gf
PSM-30K 30kgf 200gf
PSM-50K 50kgf 250gf

*In Japan, only N models are allowed to use due to the Measurement Law of Japan.




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