Application Examples of Measurement Devices

Force-displacement analysis

Force-displacement transition can be visually analyzed for material characteristic evaluation. For example, cushion or pillows are compressed by a force gauge at a certain distance to observe resilience and analyze its softness. Switch feeling (tactile) varies depending on the relationship of compressed distance (displacement) and compressed force (increases gradually first then decreases after reached [click] point).
There are force-displacement analysis unit and built-in linear scale unit (displacement unit) for force-displacement tests. Force-displacement analysis unit includes graphing software, which can overlay max. up to 5 graphs for complex analysis such as analysis of at what displacement the characteristic variation occurs. The built-in linear scale unit (displacement unit) is designed to integrate to your own equipment to measure displacement by connecting measurement instruments.

For easy analysis

Force-Displacement Measurement Equipment
Force-displacement Measurement Unit
FSA series
IMADA FSA series is force-displacement measurement unit. This unit allows accurate force-displacement measurement and analysis with force-displacement graphing software. It is ideal for force-displacement measurements such as material characteristic evaluation and tactile testing.

For integration into equipment

Displacement Sensor
Built-in linear Scale
DMK series
DMK series is built-in linear scale for ZTA series digital force gauges. It enabes the force-displacement testing by integrating into facilities.
Digital Force Gauges
Separated Sensor Model High Functionality Digital Force Gauge
ZTA series (Separated Sensor Model)
Separated sensor digital force gauge ZTA series is ideal for integration into facilities or measuring under special circumstances. It has the same functions and performance as high functionality model ZTA series. A wide range of sensors is available to meet your testing needs.
Digital Force Gauges
Desktop Force Amplifier
FA Plus2/eFA Plus2
FA Plus2/eFA Plus2 is desktop force amplifier used in various measurement by connecting desired sensor. It delivers accurate force value due to the high sampling rate (2000Hz). It is ideal for integration into facilities or used as a part of factory automation due to its simple box-shaped design.