Application Examples of Measurement Devices

For peel test

The peeling tester is specialized for 180-degree peel testing of materials such as embossed carrier tape, film and adhesive tapes.
It enables visual analysis of adhesive strength and the variation of adhesive surface by providing the graph which shows the force transition during the process of peel. It also enables high speed peel testing (Max. 1500mm/min) and provides one-click user-friendly operation.
The supplied software can show the peel force vs. width as N/(width)mm. Moreover, it can overlay graphs to compare test results, automatically calculate the max/ave/min value in selected area, show set pass-fail line, etc.

Pell test of embossed carrier tape

180 degree Peel Testers
Peeling Tester
IPTS-5N is peeling tester with 5N capacity. It is specialized for peeling test of embossed carrier tape complying with IEC and JIS standard.

Pell test of embossed label, tape and sheet

180 degree Peel Testers
High Speed Peeling Tester
IPTS-20N/50N is high speed peeling tester with 20N and 50N capacity. It is specialized for 180-degree peel strength test of a wide range of samples such as film and tape. It enables peel strength tests complying with the corresponding part of ISO and JIS standard.