Simple Type Vertical Motorized Test Stand
MX series

MX-500N Force testing machine (The force gauge is not included.)

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-Achieves high repeatability with constant testing speed and position
-Handles a wide range of test applications such as tension, compression and peel test
-The capacity is from 500N to 1000N

Simple Operation
To perform test, you just press the button.
The force gauge travels between the limit knobs on the side of the column at the setting or the fastest speed.

Easy Setup for Test Conditions
MX series is adjustable the testing speed with the dial.
The traveling distance is adjustable by positioning the limit knobs.

Available Options*
-E option
Equips an encoder which displays speed and distance.
(If you need to set at specified speed,
Standard Type Motorized Test Stand MX2 series or
High Functionlity Type Vertical Motorized Test Stand EMX-1000N is recommended.)

-L option
Equips 200mm or 250mm longer stroke than the standard model (Depends on the model).

-V option
Changes the upper or lower speed.(Please contact us for the available speed ranges.)

Useful Functions by Using with IMADA ZT series
MX series activates the useful functions when connected with IMADA ZT series digital force gauge.
(Applicable cable is required)

1.Overload Prevention
The traveling motion automatically stops to prevent sensor breakdown from overloading
when the applied force is beyond the force gauge capacity.
(There is no gurantee of complete prevention of the sensor breakdown.)

2.Motion Control by Force
– Automatic speed changing
– Load holding

Custom- made products are upon your request. Please let us know your requirements for test stand.
Ask us for custom-made order!

Other Test Stands which might be more suitable for your needs:

Standard Type Motorized Test Stand MX2 series
It is capable of setting traveling speed, pausing timer, repeat counter in digital.

High Functionality Type Motorized Test Stand EMX-1000N
It has high rigidity, programmable traveling distance, testing condition saving, wide range of speed, an I/O connector and more as standard.

Horzontal Type Motorized Test Stand  MH2-500N
It equips same functions as MX2 series.

Manual Test Stands
They enable to perform force measurements at a uniform angle at a budget price.

If you need further information, please click each model name to go to the product web page.

Specifications for Motorized Test Stand MX Series

Model MX-500N MX-1000N
Capacity 500N (50kgf) 1000N (100kgf)
Max. Sample Height (*1) 235mm 420mm
Test speed 10 to 300mm/min 8 to 240mm/min
Gauges that can be combined (*2) Any force gauges except high capacity model force gauges Mechanical / Digital Force gauges
Load cell can NOT be combined.
Function Manual mode, Single mode, Continuous mode
Control Emergency button, Operation control by load value(*3), Overload prevention(*3)(*4)
Safety devices Stroke limit, emergency stop button
Power AC100V to 240V, free input
Size Please refer to dimensions.
Weight Approx. 13kg Approx. 24kg
Option Length scale, Long stroke, Speed range change, Speed and length scale
Accessory Grip mounting adapter(GF-1) Grip mounting adapter(GF-2)
Instruction manual, Power cable, Gauge mounting plate, Spare fuse, and Tools.

*1 Max. sample height refers to the distance between the table and the tip of force gauge measuring shaft when the head is at the top. (MX-500N/MX-1000N: up to 1000N model of ZTS/ZTA series is mounted.)
*2 Please contact us if you would like to combine other force gauges or load cells with the test stand.
*3 Only valid with ZT series digital force gauge and dedicated cable.
*4 We cannot ensure the perfect prevention against sensor break-down.




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