Simple Type Horizontal Motorized Test Stand

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MH-1000N Horizontal motorized test stand (The force gauge is not included.)

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– Higher work efficacy due to its simple automatic operation
– Easy to set your samples due to horizontal type.

Specifications for MH-1000N Horizontal Motorized Test Stand

Model MH-1000N
Capacity 1000N (100kgf)
Max. Sample Height(*1) Approx. 280mm
Test speed 6 to 180mm/min
Mountable Force
Mechanical Force Gauge:FB、PS、PSM series
Digital Force Gauge:DST,DSV、ZTS、ZTA series(1000N or below)
Measuring Modes Manual mode, Single cycle mode, Continuous cycle mode
Control Emergency stop、force control(*2)、overload prevention(*2*3)
Voltage Stroke limit, emergency stop button
Power AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
(Select from 100, 120 and 230V. Accessories are provided accordingly)
Size Please refer to dimensions
Weight Approx.14kg
Available Options
-E: Speed/Length Meter
-S: Length scale
-V90:Speed 3 to 90mm/min
-V300:Speed 10 to 300mm/min
-V450:Speed 15 to 450mm/min
-V600:Speed 20 to 600mm/min
-V900:Speed 30 to 900mm/min
Accessory Operation manual, power cable, spare fuse, tools, warranty certificate

*1 Max. sample height refers to the distance between the fixing shaft and the tip of force gauge measuring shaft when the head
is at the top.
*2 ZTS/ZTA series force gauge and optional cable CB-508 are required.
*3 It does not guarantee complete protection against overloading.
*4 Add the option code after the model name to complete the model with options. e.g. Model: MH-1000N-E
*5 Capacity is reduced by some speed change options.




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