Force-Displacement Measurement Unit (for Tactile Test)
FSA series

Force-Displacement Measuring Unit FSA series

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IMADA Force-Displacement Measurement Unit FSA series can be used for tactile test, material evaluation and more.
The high speed sampling rate 2000 Hz captures accurate values and draws a detailed graph of force and displacement.
The unit includes a force gauge, a test stand with a linear scale, a cable and a graphing software.
The capacity is from 2N to 2500N.

Simple Setup
You mount the force gauge on the test stand and connect them by the cable. You can perform force-displacement measurement by using with necessary fixtures and connecting external equipment according to your needs.

High Speed Sampling Rate 2000Hz for Capturing Values and Drawing a Graph
The high speed sampling rate 2000Hz captures accurate values and draws force vs displacement graph in detail.

Easy Report Creation
The included software supports your report creation. You can perform zooming a specific area, adding comments, graph layering (up to 5 graphs) and more. Moreover, the created graph can be directly exported as Word, Excel and PDF file.

Auto Data Recording
Graph drawing automatically starts and stops at set force/displacement or external signal.

[Included Product]
Force Gauge:
High Functionality Digital Force Gauge ZTA series

Test Stand with a linear scale (It is different on the model):
Standard Type Vertical Motorized Test Stand MX2 series (FSA-0.5K2 series , FSA-1K2 series or FSA-2.5K2 series)
High Functionality Type Vertical Motorized Test Stand  EMX-1000N (FSA-1KE series)
Standard Type Horizontal Motorized Test Stand MH2-500N (FSA-0.5HK2 series)
Small Manual Test Stand MSL-50N (FSA-MSL series)

*We also offer custom-made test stands (e.g. for a special long stroke, for installing to a facility, etc).
ASK for Custom-made Order

Graph Drawing Software Force Recorder Professional

CB-718(FSA-0.5K2 series , FSA-1K2 series, FSA-2.5K2 series and FSA-0.5HK2 series)
CB-728(FSA-1KE series)

*The cable of FSA-MSL series is directly attached to the test stand.

[Testing applications]
Switch tactile test >>
Seat cushioning characteristics (hardness) test >>
Sponge hardness test >>
*Please click the applications for further information.

Specifications for Force-Displacement Measurement Unit FSA series(for Tactile Test)


Model FSA-__-_N
Measurement unit Force N, kgf, lbf (switchable) 1*
Displacement mm, inch (switchable) 1*
Range 2N(200gf), 5N(500gf), 20N(2kgf), 50N(5kgf), 100N(10kgf), 200N(20kgf), 500N(50kgf), 1000N(100kgf), 2500N(250kgf)
Resolution Force 4 digit (e.g. Resolution of 5N force gauge is 0.001N)
Displacement 0.001mm (on software; Force Recorder Professional)
0.01mm (on force gauge display)
Accuracy Force +/-0.2% F.S. +/-1digit
Displacement +/-0.1mm +/-1 digit (with no load)
*When maximum force is applied, the stand may be deformed
upward and downward (approx. -0.5mm~+0.5mm).
Model:Stroke:Speed MSL:80mm:Manual adjustment knob
*1 Please refer to Model list below.
*2”Stroke” means the maximum length from the top of force gauge to the table of test stand. Therefore, stroke varies depending on the force gauge and the attachments combined.
Sampling rate 2000 data/sec
Display update 16 data/sec
Output(*2) USB, Serial(RS232C), Analog(Approx. +/-2V),Comparator, Overload, Sub comparator, USB memory
* USB memory stick is not included.
Functions of motorized test stand Stroke limit, Overload prevention(*1), Force control(*2), Emergency stop
*1 We cannot assure the perfect prevention against sensor break-down.
*2 The value of force control is specified by the absolute value.
Power of motorized test stand Free input AC100V to 240V
Operating temperature/Humidity Temperature: 0 to 40 degree Celsius / Humidity:20 to 80%RH
Accessories Instruction manual, Inspection certificate, Power cable, 2 pcs of spare hues, Driver CD-ROM(including software for data log “ZT-Logger”), Graphing software “Force-Recorder Professional”.

*1 These are the specifications for International model.  Please note that this unit is different from Japanese domestic model and international one.
*2 Custom made order cable is necessary  if the displacement output and the serial or the analogue signal output are needed on the same time.

Software Operating Environment

Operating environment OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Hardware CPU: Pentium4(1GHz more) more recommended
Memory: 2GB or more is recommended
Hard disk: 10GB (data storage area) or more
Plat form .NET Framework4.6 or more
Execute environment Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 later
Windows Installer 3.1 later


Model list of FSA series Force-Displacement Measurement Unit (for Tactile Test)

Model Type Capacity Feature
FSA-MSL-__N Portable 50N (5kgf) Manual system.
FSA-0.5K2-__N Standard 500N (50kgf) Automatic system.
Testing speed, the number of testing, pause time can be chosen.
> Ideal for repetition/durability test
FSA-1K2-__N 1000N (100kgf)
FSA-2.5K2-__N 2500N (250kgf)
FSA-0.5HK2-__N Standard Horizontal 500N(50kgf)

Automatic system.

Testing speed, the number of testing, pause time can be chosen.

FSA-1KE-__N High performance and functionality 1000N (100kgf) Automatic system.
Precise measurement due to high rigidity.
In addition to functions of 0.5-2.5K2 series, more functions such as travel set up, 5 running patterns memory, etc. are available.

Please choose the most appropriate range for your test from “Range” of “Specifications”.
Please select a range below the “Capacity” of the model in the model list.


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