Standard Type Horizontal Motorized Test Stand

MH2-500N (Force gauge is not included.)

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–   Achieves high repeatability with constant testing speed and position
–   The horizontal design makes sample setup easy
–   Easy digital setting of testing modes and speed
–   Offers useful functions operated together with force gauge
–   Selectable options available to meet your measurement requirements

Specifications for Horizontal Motorized Test Stand MH2-500N

Model MH2-500N
Capacity 500N (50kgf)
Maximum height
of a sample (*1)
Approx. 245mm
Deflection at
maximum load
[Standard models] less than 0.5mm
Test speed Digital 10 to 300mm/min
[10 – 20mm/min: by 0.5mm/min]
[20 – 100mm/min: by 5mm/min]
[100 – 300mm/min: by 10mm/min]
Measuring Modes Manual / Jog / Cycle mode
Functions Counter (number of tests to repeat): Max. 65535 times
Timer (pausing time): Up to 99 min 59 sec 9 (by 0.1 sec)
Control Emergency stop, force control (*2), overload prevention (*2, *3)
Operating temperature
0 to +40 degree Celsius
35 to 70% (avoid condensation)
Power AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
(Select from 100, 120 and 230V. Accessories are provided accordingly.)
Power consumption 50W
Dimensions See [Dimensions]
Weight Approx. 14kg
Available options
(*4 *5)
Long stroke, external signal input, length scale, inbuilt liner scale, speed range changes
Accessories Operation manual, power cable, spare fuse, tools, grip mounting plate
force gauges (*6)
Mechanical Force Gauge: FB, PS, PSM series
Digital Force Gauge: DST, DSV, ZTS, ZTA series (up to 1000N)
Load cell: DPU series (up to 500N)

*1 Max. sample height refers to the distance between the table and the tip of force gauge measuring shaft when the head is at the top.
(With up to 1000N model of ZTS/ZTA series)

*2 ZTS/ZTA series force gauge and optional cable CB-518 are required.
*3 It does not guarantee complete protection against overloading.
*4 Add the option code after the model name to complete the model with options.
e.g. When adding long stroke option to MH2-500N … Model: MH2-500N-L
*5 Capacity is reduced as below by some speed change options.
-V600 capacity 250N, –V900 capacity 150N
*6 Ensure to use within the capacity of force gauge and test stand regardless of the mountable models.

For force-displacement measurement, FSA series offer complete unit:
Force-Displacement Measurement Unit FSA series




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