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MTS series

Motorized Torque Stand MTS series is used as a torque testing machine when using with IMADA torque gauge DTXS/DTXA series
Motorized Torque Stand MTS series (The upper attachment MT-TB is not included.)

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Motorized Torque Stand MTS series can be used as a desktop torque testing machine, combining with
IMADA Screw Cap Torque Tester DTXS/DTXA series.  The capable rotation is both CW and CCW at 3~90 degree/sec.
It enables to perform the test unable to be performed with a human hand
such as repeat durability test of  bottle opening,  PCB twisting, etc.
The measurement in accordance with JIS C 8280:2011 ” Edison screw lamp holders” is partly possible.
* To perform the test according to JIS, a torque gauge, an attachment etc are necessary.
Please contact us for more information.

Realizes More Accurate and Repeatable Torque Measurement on Desktop
The test result becomes more accurate and repeatable since the torque stand MTS series applies torque with uniform speed.
The space saving design is ideal for measurement in a production line.

Useful 3 Test Modes
There are 3 selectable test mode, MANUAL mode, CONTINUOUS mode and ONE WAY mode.

-MANUAL mode:
Rotates while the arrow button is pressed.

Performs a reciprocating rotation.
It is possible to repeat at specified number of times and to apply specified torque in setting time in either or both directions.

-ONE WAY mode:
Perform either rotation CW or CCW (Selectable).
Automatically, it stops when the applied torque reaches at setting torque.

You can select the suitable mode according to your test.

Interchangeable Attachment (Grip)
The upper attachment to grip a sample is changeable. You can choose the attachment fitting your sample.

Torque-Angle Measurement
You can perform Torque-Angle Measurement when combining Screw Cap Torque Tester DTXA series
and MTS series RA option equipping a rotary encoder.*

(Torque-Angle Measurement Unit is available which includes necessary items of Torque-Angle Measurement.
Please see Torque-Angle Measurement Unit TAA-MTS-TB series if you are interested in).

Please see Force Gauge and Test Stand when you need to measure compression or tension force.

Specifications for Motorized Torque Stand MTS series

Capacity 10N-m
Stroke Refer the dimensions
Dimension(mm) Refer the dimensions
Weight  Approx.14kg
Speed range  3 ~90 degree/sec
Function  Manual mode,JOG mode, Automatic mode(CONTINUOUS、ONE WAY) *1
 Overload preventing function*1,Speed adjustment
Option  Rotary encoder option*2 (-RA is at the end of the model)
Voltage  AC100V ~240V , 50/60Hz, max 3A*3
Operating Temperature  0 – 40 degree Celsius
Operating Humidity  85% or less(No condensation)

*1 Torque gauge should be connected with the cable (included).
*2 This option is factory fitted only.  To save or check angle, a DTXA and Force Recorder Professional software are required.
*3 Fuse may need changing, when used in a place other than country of purchase. Please ask us or your local distributor for the details.

Model List of Motorized Torque Stand MTS series

Model Option Maximum sample height
MTS-10N Standard 140mm
MTS-10N-L 240mm
MTS-10N-2L 340mm
MTS-10N-RA with a rotary encoder* 140mm
MTS-10N-L-RA 240mm
MTS-10N-2L-RA 340mm
MTS-10N-ST+□□□ Height change Please inform us the necessary height
MTS-10N-RA-ST+□□□ Height change, with a rotary encoder*

* This option is factory fitted only.  To save or check angle, a DTXA and Force Recorder Professional software are required.




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