Food Hardness Testing Unit

Food Hardness Testing Unit FCA-DSV-50N
Food Hardness Testing Unit FCA-DSV-50N

FCA series
Introduction Movie (*In this movie, a previous version of force gauge is used.)

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– It performs easy compression test for a fixed distance.
– It has high repeatability at budget price.

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– Cookie Hardness Test >>
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Specifications for Food Hardness Testing Unit FCA-DSV-50N

Model FCA-DSV-50N-1 FCA-DSV-50N-2
Methods Push in / Squash Cut / Crack
Capacity 50N
Display 50.00
Accuracy ±0.2%F.S.±1digit
Unit N(Newton)
Stroke 0~45mm (Adjustable with the limit knob)
Maximum space 50~80mm (*1)
Functions Peak hold(Tensile or compression)/Comparator(OK Judgement)/Sensitivity(3 steps)/Reversible display /Sign inversion/Setting lock/Date & Time/Off timer (Auto power-off)/Reminder for calibration schedule/Overload alarm/Tilt-sensing alarm/ Continuity peak mode/ Intermal memory (1000 points)
Battery Approx.30 hours (when back light is off)
Approx. 14 hours (when back light is on)
(*needs 4.5 hours for full charge)
Overload Approx. 200% F.S.
Operating Environment Temperature:0 to +40 degree Celsius / Humidity: 20 to 80% RH
Weight Approx. 3kg
Unit Details Force Gauge DSV-50N-M4(*2)
Manual Lever Stand FCA-50N
Instruction manual, mounting screws, wrench, inspection certificate
Accessories Flat probe
Wedge probe

*1 The distance between the tip of the measuring shaft and the table – adjustable with the mounting position of the force gauge
*2 The measuring shaft of this model is M4 thread, which is different from standard DSV series.




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