High speed peel strength tester

Peel strength tester IPTS-20N/50N
Peel strength tester IPTS-20N/50N

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– Peel Strength Tester for 180-degree peel test of a wide range of samples such as adhesive tapes and laminated package.
– It offers a wide range of test speed up to 1500mm/min.
– Easy sample setting and simple operation.
– Accessory software graphs the measurement accurately due to its high sampling rate, Max.2000Hz.

[Related Standards]
– ISO 8510-2:2006 Adhesives-Peel test for a flexible-bonded-to-rigid test specimen assembly-Part 2 : 180° peel.
– ISO 29862:2007 Self adhesive tapes-Determination of peel adhesion properties.  (Partly)  (Corresponding Japanese standard: JIS Z0237:2009)
– JIS K6854-2:1999 Adhesives-Determination of peel strength of bonded assemblies-Part 2 : 180° peel.
– Japanese Pharmacopoeia  (Partly)

[Testing Applications by Using Peel Strength Tester IPTS-50N]
– Ahdesive tape peel strength test >>
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Specifications for IPTS-20N/50N High speed peel strength tester

Model IPTS-20N IPTS-50N
Accuracy +/-0.2% F.S. +/-1 digit
Capacity 20N 50N
Resolution 0.01N
Overload Approx. 150% F.S.
(It warns with light flashing and buzzer when the force is over 110% of capacity.)
Sampling rate Max. 2000 data / sec (2000Hz)
Testing speed 120, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 1500mm / min (switchable)
Stroke Travel of a load cell: Approx.400mm (Peeling length: Approx.200mm)
Peel angle 165-180 degree (Height and angle are adjustable.)
Testable width of samples Adhesion:88mm (Glip: 20mm, Clamp: 50mm)
Testable thickness of samples Glip: 3mm
Clamp: 13mm
Safety device Emergency stop button, Overload prevention (Only when the power is turned ON) (*1)
Power AC100 to 240V free input (*2)
Weight Approx.11kg
Operating environment Temperature: 0 to 40 degree Celcius / Humidity: 20 to 80% RH
Accessory Force Recorder (graph drawing software), USB cable,
Power cable, Film grip, Spacer brock,
Inspection certificate, Instruction manual

*1 It does not guarantee complete protection against overload.
*2 Please specify the voltage when you order. (Accessory varies depending on voltage.)

Specifications for accessory software

Model Force Recorder Standard
Data transferring speed Max. 2000 data / sec (2000Hz)
Recording data point Max. 720 million
Graph Graph overlaying function, Capture function, Graph scaling,
Statistics output, Point marking
Graph recording Trigger function
Edit Insert textbox, borderline function
Output Print(A4, Letter size), CSV, Word/Excel/PDF
OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Hardware CPU:Pentium4(1GHz or more)or more is recommended.
Memory: 2GB or more is recommended.
Harddisk (data stoage area):10GB or more is recommended.
Plat form .NET Framework4.6 or later
Excecute environment Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, Windows Installer 3.1 or later
Image size Resolution 1024×768 pixel or more
Connection port USB1.1, USB2.0 connector  *We do not guarantee operation in USB 3.0.

* Some old version of Excel shows data up to 65,531 only.



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