Attachment for Needle Pull Out Test

Attachment for Needle Pull Out Test MED-NPT-200N

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– Designed to evaluate the force of pulling out the needle apart from the hub
– Suitable for needles with diameter from 0.3 to 2.0mm
– Partly complies with JIS and ISO Standards

[Related Standard]
– JIS T 3209:2011 Sterile injection needles
– JIS T 3220:2011 Sterile blood collection needles
– JIS T 3221:2011 single-use needle for infusion port
– JIS T 3222:2011 Sterile winged intravenous devices
– JIS T 3223:2016 Sterile single-use intravascular catheters over-needle peripheral catheters
– JIS T 3228:2018 Biopsy needles for single use
– JIS T 3229:2011 Single use puncture needle for internal organs and abdominal cavity
– ISO 7864:2016 Sterile hypodermic needles for single use – Requirements and test methods
– ISO 10555-5:2013 Intravascular catheters – Sterile and single-use catheters – Part 5: Over-needle peripheral catheters
– ISO 11608-2:2012 Needle-based injection systems for medical use – Requirements and test methods – Part 2: Needles
Partly complies with the above standards.

[Testing Application]
 Needle pull out test>>
Partly complies with JIS T 3209: 2011.
* Please click the application for further information.

Specifications for MED-NPT-200N Attachment for Needle Pull Out Test

Model MED-NPT-200N
Capacity 200N (20kgf)
Measurable needle diameter 0.3 to 2.0mm
Measurable needle length Longer than10mm
Dimensions See [Dimensions]
Weight *1 Approx. 210g
(when mounting the upper part to the force gauge)
Mounting screw M6
Accessories Attachment adapter EJ6-1000N

*1 Weight of the attachment is also applied as a load on the force gauge. Consider it when selecting the capacity of a force gauge.



Dimensions of MED-NPT-200N

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