Universal Joint

Universal Joint UJ6-1000N (left) /UJ10-5000N (right)

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-Designed to prevent unbalanced load during the measurement.
-Ensures accurate measurement due to free joint design.
-UJ6-1000N for M6 screw and UJ10-5000N for M10 screw are available.

Specifications for Universal Joint UJ6-1000N/UJ10-5000N

Model UJ6-1000N UJ10-5000N
Capacity 1000N (100kgf) 5000N (500kgf)
Size See the Dimensions.
Weight *1 Approx.25 g Approx.140 g
Mounting screw M6 M10

*1 Weight of the attachment is also applied as a load on the force gauge. Consider it when selecting the capacity of a force gauge.
* The stroke of the test stand will be decreased after mounting the attachments. Consider it when selecting attachments.




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