3-Point Bending Test Fixture

3-Point Bending Test Fixture BT-5000N
3-Point Bending Test Fixture BT-5000N

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・3-Point Bend attachment for flexural, rigid, semi-rigid, snapping properties: for ceramics, glasses, composites, plastics, metals, or any sheet and round bar form materials.
・Interchangeable Loading Pins and adjustable bending span caters for wider range of measurement requirements.
・Partially compliant with ISO and JIS standard testing.

Specification for 3-Point Bending Test Fixture BT-500N/5000N/5000N-CB

Model BT-500N BT-5000N BT-5000N-CB
Capacity 500N 5000N 5000N
Description Basic Milled Edge Anvil
Limited Function
Standard types: Interchangeable Loading Pin options ※1
Upper Anvil
R2.5 R3 R5
Supporting Anvil
R2.5 R3 R2
Max. Sample
60mm 52mm 52m
Fulcrum distance 25~120mm
Dimensions Refer to the dimension
Weight ※2 Upper-loading Anvil: 100g
Supporting Anvils: 2100g
Upper-loading Anvil: 130g
Supporting Anvils: 2300g
Upper-loading Anvil: 150g
Supporting Anvils: 2300g
Upper Anvil
mounting screws
M6 M10 M10

* The Loading Pin is a rod shaft that fixed with attachment on the force gauge side.
* For round bars, the rod-shaped samples, additional Attachment BT-CG is recommended, for stabilizing the sample
during the operation, for safety and the accuracy. (Page 4/6 for more information)
※1) Interchangeable Loading Pin options, and Attachments: refer to page 4 for details.
※2) Force Gauge Load is inclusive of attachments: capacity of the force gauge unit means total load added.




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