Master Force Measurement [Values]


System to cultivate human resources from new employees to retiree

We use unique sheet to keep a record in figures of the growth as an employee and a member of society.
For further growth, We have 4 interviews with our bosses annually to share issues.
We also use another sheet for career path to recognize our growth, creating business challenges for each career level.

Training for new employees: Be an ideal manpower to IMADA

We create various oppotunities to learn for new employees.
At the beginning, they take lessons about IMADA’s mission and cultural goals from CEO to fit themselves into IMADA’s philosophy or vision.
Next, they learn about manners, rules, ISO, and more from human resources department.
Finally, engineers give them lessons about theory of force measurement, products, and other technical issues.

Culture 1: Be a visionary company

We aim to be a visionary company.
Thus, all of our members try to
– accept IMADA’S values
– work proactively
– enhance the quality of work
– pursue ultimate excellence
– go forward to accomplish IMADA’s mission.

Culture 2: Aim to be first-rated

We have a wide range of books about expertise, manners, skills and more in a reference room. We utilize the room to learn from the books and take lessons from bosses to keep growing and do first-rate work.

Culture 3: Maximize the productivity

We pursue a good balance between work and personal lives at a higher level.
We always try to get greater results in less time.

Culture 4: Glow mature mentally

We do work of good quality to build good relationship amoung customers/business partners/co-workers.
For that, we always try to work hard and humbly, and learn for growth.

Culture 5: Evaluate performance fairly regardless of gender or career length

We evaluate ourselves each other fairly regardless of gender, career length.

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