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– Fixture that can be mounted on a test stand to hold and fix samples.
– Position adjustable.

[Testing Applications]
Syringe plunger compression resistance test >>
Outfit trimmings/decoration tensile strength test >>
Bag handles tension strength test >>
Spot welding bond strength test >>
Ballpoint pen head pull-off test >>
USB connector insertion/extraction (repetition) test >>
Tooth blush pilus pull out strength test >>
Inlet plug insertion/extraction (repetition) test >>
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Specifications for GT series Vice Grip

Model GT-30 GT-30-E GT-30-U GT-2000N
Capacity 1000N (100kgf) 250N (25kgf) 2000N (200kgf)
Feature Standard lever type Hard grip lever type Lever/one side movable/urethane jaw type High load lever type
One side movable one side movable / Both side have nicks / Fit to grasp slippery samples. One side movable / Urethane jaw type: Fit to grip film or other easily broken samples. Available in capacity up to 2000N. Direction to be mounted can change by 90 degree.(Lever will be in front or side.)
Grip width Max. 38mm Max. 62mm
Opening width 38mm 35mm 64mm
Weight Approx.1100g Approx.4400g





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